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For most people (including you), buying a house is something you've worked hard for. You've saved up a down payment, worked on establishing good credit, and you've been looking for homes to buy. Now that you've found a home to purchase, you need a mortgage lender to ensure you get the best mortgage possible.

K2 Lending is a mortgage lender based in Denver. We work with over 30 banks in order to ensure you have the most favorable mortgage interest rate, the least amount of closing costs, and the simplest mortgage lending process possible. After all, you've got enough to worry about from the logistics of the move to finding a new school for your child. Entrust us to handle your mortgage, so you can concentrate on more important things in life. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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A mortgage lender is, quite simply, someone who lends you money so you can purchase a home. These loans are called mortgages to differentiate them from other types of loans. The vast majority of people finance their homes, which means there is a great need for mortgage lenders. That being said, not every mortgage lender is created equal, so when looking for a mortgage lender, due diligence will be key to finding the mortgage that works for you. One of the biggest benefits of working with K2 Lending in the Denver area is our network of banks that can offer you a mortgage you'll love. Call us for more information today!

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  • Retail lender — a bank or a credit union
  • Direct lender — someone who lends their own funds
  • Portfolio lender —  someone who lends homeowners money using portfolio funds
  • Wholesale lender —  banks who offer loans through third-parties
  • Correspondent lenders — financial institutions that immediately sell your mortgage once closed
  • Warehouse lenders — offer short-term loans to other mortgage companies to fund mortgages
  • Hard money lenders — private individuals or companies
  • Online lenders — mortgage lenders who operate exclusively online
  • Subprime lenders — mortgage lenders who cater to those individuals with low credit scores
  • Mortgage broker — a person or a company that works with many different mortgage lenders to obtain the right mortgage for their clients


You have one goal as a future homeowner looking to purchase your dream home — to be able to move in. First, you have to be able to pay for that home with a mortgage. When looking at different mortgage lending companies in the Denver area, you want to look for:

  • Timeliness. If your mortgage lender never returns your phone calls and there are constant delays in the mortgage lending process, this could affect your ability to purchase the home.
  • Mortgage interest rates. Your second goal as a future homeowner is to have as low of a payment as possible and to pay as little interest on your loan as possible. 
  • Loan terms. The term of your mortgage usually entails your rate lock, mortgage insurance, how long the mortgage is for, any adjustments, any prepayment penalties, and more. Make sure these are in your favor.
  • Low closing costs. Closing costs typically run into the thousands of dollars. Even if you throw this into your loan amount, you ultimately have to pay that money.
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  • Clean up your credit. Your credit score plays a big role in your mortgage interest rate. Plus, having good credit makes the mortgage lending process much easier for your mortgage lending company.
  • Keep an open mind. Don't become fixated on a certain mortgage rate for example, or having a no closing cost loan. Be open to all possibilities. Remember, you want the mortgage that makes the most sense in the long run.
  • Get pre-approved. Getting preapproved gives you a wonderful opportunity to check out the mortgage lending company ahead of time before committing to working with them. You'll get a great taste of how the real mortgage lending process will fare.




Personalized Attention

This is the number one factor to consider when searching for a mortgage lender. After all, there are probably dozens or hundreds of mortgage companies you can choose from near you. Having a mortgage lender that cares can make a big difference in the terms of the mortgage you end up getting, your overall experience obtaining a mortgage, and how much hassle you have to do on your end. In sum, you want to feel like more than just a number.

Superb Communication

The average time to obtain a mortgage is about 30 days (which is why the closing date on homes once you put an offer in is usually 45 days out). This is because mortgage lenders need a lot of information from you in order to process the home loan application. Once the application has been submitted to underwriting, there is usually more information requested and more answers to questions that will need to be provided. Thus, having great communication with your mortgage lender will ensure your mortgage is processed on time.


Customized Solutions

Every homeowner is different, as is every lending situation. Many mortgage lenders don't fight for their clients, meaning that if there is a hiccup in your loan application or a red flag, they just tell you they cannot finance you and send you on their way. Basically, they are telling you that you are not worth their time. Instead, you need a mortgage lender, such as K2 Lending in Denver, who will go to bat for you, get buried deep in the trenches, and uncover every possibility in order to get your financing.

Years of Experience

While it's nice to go with your co-worker's son who just got his mortgage license, it can lead to many problems down the road. The speed of your mortgage may be slower, which, in the home buying process, speed is of the essence. You may not get the best mortgage interest rate, which could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. And you may have to be more involved than you would like in the mortgage lending process itself.


Many Options

There are many different types of mortgages and mortgage programs out there that you can utilize that would work in your situation. From VA loans to first-time home buyer loans, there is a perfect home loan product for you. Working with a mortgage lending company that will spend the time to find the best home loan for you is well worth its weight in gold. Contact K2 Lending in the Denver area today!


K2 Lending meets all of the criteria above and much more. Our Denver-based mortgage lending treats all of our customers like family and strives to go above and beyond in order to ensure you can purchase the home of your dreams. At the end of the day, you want a beautiful home at an affordable price and mortgage payment that will serve you well into the future. We believe in helping you make your home ownership dreams come true. Reach out to our mortgage lending company for a free consultation today!

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