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Whether you want to buy a new house or would like to have your existing home refinanced, at K2 Lending, we offer a variety of mortgage solutions specifically designed to match your requirements. As seasoned mortgage lenders, we have over 15 years of experience offering customizable and reliable loans to new and previous homeowners. Here are some of the benefits of applying for a conventional mortgage loan:

Competitive Interest Rates

If you are applying for a conventional mortgage loan, you will find that the interest rates for this loan are often lower than those for FHA loans. These competitive interest rates allow easy ownership for new homebuyers. More specifically, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the interest rates have reduced significantly to almost 3% in some cases. For more information about current interest rates or conventional mortgages, give us a call or schedule an appointment.

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Competitive Interest Rates

Unlike FHA mortgage loans, you will find that conventional mortgage loans are applicable on several properties. From vacation homes to rental properties or primary residences, conventional mortgages are comparably much more flexible. On the other hand, an FHA mortgage loan can only be applied for your principal property or home, thus looting portfolio options.

Less Down Payments

Depending on your portfolio and profile, you may be eligible for getting a conventional loan with as little as 4% down as well. Many people have the ill-conceived notion that without at least a 20% down payment, you may never qualify for a mortgage yet, we have successfully helped clients without it as well. To learn more about whether you are eligible for a conventional mortgage loan at a reduced down payment, we recommend reaching out to any of our esteemed team members.

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Fixed and Adjustable Interest Rates Available

One of the advantages of opting for a conventional mortgage loan is that it allows you to choose between fixed or adjustable interest rates. Over many years selling mortgages, we have found that many people opt for fixed mortgage rates as it allows them to lock in a low interest rate for flat 30 years. However, we recommended considering the option of getting adjustable interest rates if this is not your long-term property. This means that you are not planning on keeping the mortgage offered for less than ten years.

If you are not sure about getting a conventional mortgage loan, we suggest scheduling an appointment with our esteemed team to get more information. You can also get some advice from your real estate agent as they have market-level knowledge as well. Ultimately you can choose another type of loan as well.